OCS – One Card System

Put 10-3-1® to work for you!
The Original One Card System is the proven financial services success method developed and validated by renowned industry expert Al Granum. Thoroughly updated to reflect recent changes in the marketplace, today countless producers leverage Al’s timeless concepts of activity management, 6-3 prospecting and promotion, and the 10-3-1 ratio to boost their sales efforts.
“I wanted to write a note to let you know of the continued success that our agency has enjoyed as a result of using The One Card System. Certainly you have heard countless times over the years that there is no better method to use to train new agents than OCS!

We have made it mandatory for many years that all new Associates are trained on and must use The One Card System. We have made the book, Building a Life Insurance Clientele, required reading for everyone that joins our organization. The results have been outstanding.
Our agency has proudly maintained a four year retention ratio which is approximately three times the industry average and has consistently placed us among the very top retention organizations in the MassMutual. The OCS has also enabled our Associates to reach significant levels of production and enjoy both company and industry recognition levels.
While many things around us have changed, the fundamentals of our very difficult business remain essentially the same.

The One Card System focuses agents on the most critical aspects of client building and thus leads to the establishment of good habits and successful practices.
On behalf of many, I thank you for the genius in creating a system that has made many very successful.”

Ronald B. Lee, CLU, ChFC
Mass Mutual Financial Group